Finally rich!!!

Like everybody else, I love that early morning mail that tells me I've won in a lottery I never knew about. It restores my faith in that benevolent superior being who enters all the good people in His/Her various lotteries!

Received from: mom2tripletts@cox.net

Purported to be from: UK LOTTERY GAME


You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of £516,778.00 (Five hundred and Sixteen thousand,seven hundred and seventy eight pounds sterling only)
To file for your claim, please kindly provide the following informations and send it to our Fiduciary Agent who shall clear you as a winner.
Mr Peter Taylor(CLAIMS AGENT)
Upon receipt of the duly requested datas,he shall send to you the contact information of the paying Office.
Yours faithfully,
Mrs. Lucy Baines
Thanks so much, Agent Peter and Mrs. Baines! Also for your kind plea for two new urgently needed English plurals (informations and datas). That was long overdue. Not to mention thanks for the biblical therefore leading into this stroke of pure luck.

I wonder what would happen if you responded to agentpetertaylor12@yahoo.co.uk (every agent would be proud to have such an official-looking e-mail address).

I can only surmise that
  1. you might get a friendly e-mail asking you for a transfer of funds as up-front processing fees before you receive the millions you've won, or
  2. you might get tons more of lovely offers as your e-mail address has been verified as being functional and spam-worthy.

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