Tier & Baum by Johannes Beilharz
Acrylic on paper, 2007

Is it an illusion, or is there something in there ... an animal, a tree?

Posted in response to Inspire Me Thursday's request – "Think magic… optical illusions… mimes… or any other visual trickery that inspires you."


paisley said...

i see a tree... what about you???

PJ said...

I see a massive waterfall yet soothing...behind a ledge that has a strong tree that enjoys every moment it's there!

Laura Scarlett said...

I see a cat! Love the ambiguity.

Deb G said...

Saw the tree first, then the animal. This is fun!

carla said...

I like this! It has the myserious ambiguity of objects that are indistinct at dusk or first light. I see a tree and other shapes, but wonder what else might be in the shadows. very cool!

iself said...

Thank you all - paisley, pj, laura, deb and carla - for taking a close look at this painting and telling what you saw in it.

What I see myself is a tree sprouting out of an animal, with the animal being more canine than feline. :D

The waterfall had never occurred to me, but it's there for sure!