Lou-Anne's Love Life

“What’s this?”
“A scratch.”
“From what?”
“With whom?”
“That’s the third one this week!”
“Good average, isn’t it?”

– Felix Morgenstern

Written using this week’s 3WW words average, neck and scratch.


paisley said...

seems like everybody is making out this week!!!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Neck away!

lost to taxes

rebecca said...

yeah, i met one of these guys once...in high school...and i married him!

Daily Panic said...

I was listening to a radio show where they said that if you soap up your neck first when you bathe, you aren't getting enough sex. I wouldn't hold that to science, and I regret I don't remember what the other body parts relay to.

Go for the neck!

WriterKat said...

I like the tongue & cheek of it!

texasblu said...

lol - pretty good average I'd say...

Linda Jacobs said...

I've already printed it out to share with my high school kids. They'll love it like I do!

TC said...


I think everyone had about the same idea this week, but I'm enjoying seeing how everyone brought the concept to life.

San said...

hahaha. that was clever use of the prompt.