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I strive for words ...

I strive for poetry and produce only words.
—  William Taylor Jr. 
What can I say? It happens to the best ... poets and others.

And who's to say what are just words and what is poetry?
When do words turn into poetry?

Here's a 1-word poem addressed to the word and poetry:


And its German translation:



Ancient Wisdom

If the terrain is rough
but you need to get across,
look for a gap in the rock.

– Chief Glory Horse

(aka Iself)

This ancient wisdom was retrieved in response to the request for literature with “gap and/or rock” (Two for Tuesdays IX).


On being accused of sour grapes

"You don't need to be a cook to tell whether food tastes good or bad," said Iself to Hisself


Ringelnatz on silence


There are some people who bow
To those given to extended silence
With a serious brow.

And then there are those who resent
Contemporaries with a silent bent.

All in all, noone should confuse
Silence with a statement that is of much use.

Johannes Beilharz

An attempted English paraphrase of the following poem by Joachim Ringelnatz (1883-1934):


Manche Leute verneigen
Sich gerne vor Leuten, die ernsten Gesichts
Langdauernd schweigen.

Manche Leute neigen
Dazu, zu grollen, wenn andere schweigen.
Schonet das Schweigen! Es sagt doch nichts.


Brownfeld's wisdom no. 4

Why should I produce series? Doesn’t anyone like variety?
– Arthur Brownfeld

OK, now he's back to Brownfeld, as per specific instruction. Have it your way, Blumstein, Brownstein, Goldblum, whoever you are.


Brownfeld's wisdom no. 1

He considered himself to be virtuous for not doing any of the evil things he could think of.

- Arthur Brownfeld