A recent, virulent, rapidly spreading disease.
You're happily working along on your computer when suddenly a window pops up informing you that update xxx needs to be installed. In some instances, the window can neither be nixed nor moved, covering up what you are working on. Moreover, it may display a message to the extent that another security leak at port xxx has been discovered, leaving you wide, wide open to potential hacker attacks.
Effects and side effects:
Loss of space on your hard disk, loss of time, e.g. due to having to reboot your computer, stress, anger, anxiety, uncertainty as to what is happening to your computer and who really owns it.
Most common strains:
Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Real, WinAmp and many, many more.
Suspected cause:
Massive failures to get it right the first time around.
Final word of advice:
Do not believe for a minute that you are able to keep on doing whatever you were doing while update xxx is installing itself. Some people have lost their hard disks that way.

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