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Spätsommer in Rom

Weiterhin schwere
drückende heiße Luft auf
den Schultern der Stadt

– Iself (© 2019)

Ein Haiku, das die aktualle Wettersituation in Rom akkurat beschreibt.



Hallo, hier kommt ein 
sinnentbehrendes Gedicht 
japanischer Art.

– Iself (© 2019)

Damit unterscheidet es sich nicht groß von zahlreichen anderen Gedichten.


The future haiku

I started liking 
pix of cats and dogs – what will 
I click in future?

– Iself (© 2018)

So I’ve been clicking on little hearts or thumbs up under pictures of domestic animals. Mind you, I only started doing this with the advent of Facebook, tumblr, etc. Makes me feel part of mainstream or something like that. I guess!

Before that people had to walk around with their animals to get appreciation. Progress!

At least people still seem to have real cats, dogs, canaries, rabbits, rats and mice.

But, like any fad or fashion, this is bound to blow over sooner or later. Or to get replaced by more advanced technology.

Looking forward to it. Or rather not?


A near-miss haiku

So I was on my way to the store close-by,
only to find out, once I got there, that it was closed.
Well hell, I thought, that saved me some money
coz I’s about to buy me some clothes.
That’s what I call a close call
and less wear on the clothesline.

Written upon instigation by BlogFriday – seeking submissions for the word ‘closed.’ This haiku with its syllabic structure of 11 / 13 / 10 / 9 / 7 / 7 is not the only thing that’s a amiss here. Or a close call.

– Iself

Written in a not so sincere writing mood years ago and kept in drafts. Now it finally gets to see the bright lights of the web. Ooey!


Das hermetische Haiku

Es ist verschlossen,
viermal verschlossen – Gefühl,
Gehör, Klang, Ort.

– Iself (© 2016)

So ziemlich symptomatisch für das Schweigen dieses Blogs in den letzten Monaten.



Begegnungen mit Autos mit sommerlich heruntergelassenen Fenstern und hochpotenten Lautsprecheranlagen

Drei Haiku

Stampf stampf stampf stampf stampf
stampf stampf stampf stampf stampf stampf stampf
stampf stampf stampf stampf stampf

Dumpf dumpf dumpf dumpf dumpf dumpf
dumpf dumpf dumpf dumpf dumpf dumpf dumpf
dumpf dumpf dumpf dumpf dumpf

Döns döns döns döns döns
döns döns döns döns döns döns döns
döns döns döns döns döns

– Iself (© 2016)

Die warme Jahreszeit hat begonnen, die Autofahrer teilen wieder ihr dumpfes Gestampfe und Gedöns mit dem Rest der Menschheit.


Ein Haiku von Hiroshi Taniuchi


Das Bedauern hat
an meine Tür geklopft – ein
Mal, das ist sicher

– Hiroshi Taniuchi

(deutsche Übersetzung von Johannes Beilharz mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Autors)


Das oh so poetische Haiku

Weiße Schrift auf weiß.
Schwarze Schrift auf schwarz. Na, wer
das nun lesen soll.

– Iself (© 2016)

Auslöser dieses Haiku war ein Gedicht, in dem der Autor es wohl als besonders poetisch empfand, wenn etwas weiß auf weiß geschrieben wird. Hat sicher etwas mit dem Mysterium der Nichtlesbarkeit zu tun. Ihr wisst schon ... zwischen den Zeilen lesen. Nur dass in diesem Fall nicht einmal Zeilen da sind. Es lebe der Gefühlskitsch aktueller deutscher Internet-Poesie.



Sekundäres Haiku

So viele blitzar-
tige Erkenntnisse wie
in Haiku gibt’s nicht.

– Iself (© 2012)



to the liquid which
pounces down on us, drenching
to the very bone.

– Iself (© 2011)

Written for NaPoWriMo on day 16. Today, the task was to "celebrate that yin yang quality – the eternal twinning of opposites by doing one of the following: write a poem in the form of a complaint about something that is good or you like, or in the form of a hymn to something that is bad or that you dislike. A rant about blue skies, an encomium to rainy days. A curt dismissal of strawberries or beach vacations; a paean to Brussels sprouts, or waiting rooms."
Well, each of these ideas could have set off my creative forces, but rain was first – so there!
Not to worry, though; I'll probably rant about strawberries on the beach very soon.


Good-bye to Haiku Very Much


Bright flags strung up on
timelines flutter their good-byes
into the present

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2010)

A haiku to say good-bye to Haiku Very Much and its haiku challenges. They will be missed!


You do ignite

You do ignite that
rotten side of me – now please
be gone, old fart – depart!

– Felix Morgenstern (© 2010)

Written around depart, ignite, rotten from 3WW and a slightly failed haiku.



A rear wheel push
got us out
of the slushy mess

– Iself

Written for Read Write Poem's napowrimo #2. The task was to type "RWP" into Acronymattic and then write a poem with one or several of the resulting explanations. "Rear wheel push" appealed to me more than anything else because of its absence of abstraction, which fits in nicely with William Carlos Williams' "No ideas but in things."


Momentous event

Another big dream
gone up
into thin air.

– Iself (© 2010)

Written and posted for Sunday Scribblings and Big Dreams.

I hate to admit it, folks, but that’s the way it went with a lot of my dreams – big and small.


A picture of health

Strapping – sapping –
succulently muscled –

– Iself (© 2008)

Written upon instigation by Mad Kane's Healthy Verse.

This little ditty demonstrates that it is possible to write using exclusively adjectives and adverbs.
The picture shows Jeffrey Hudson (Lord Minimus, 1619-1682).



A section of Glyph13

Active bloggers
can deliver even
funner glyphs

– Iself

again – in not the deepest poetic mood – inspired by a word (active) from BlogFriday, contributing to the world's fake haikus.



macht Hackfleisch aus den
kleinen Geschwistern.

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2008)

Große böse und weit mehr kleine niedliche Haiku sind im Buchhandel oder Online-Buchhandel, wie z.B. Amazon, zu Hauf erhältlich.



This is a BIG BAD haiku,
making mince meat
of its smaller siblings.

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2008)