Wo blauhäutige Götter Jungfrauen zum Tanz verführen

Dies ist eine Ode,
die in spätester Nachtstunde
gesungen werden sollte,

wenn sich die Regenwolken
über schindelgedeckten Dächern
zusammengezogen haben

und blauhäutige Götter
mit Zauberflöten
die Jungfrauen zum Tanz verführen.

(Tishani Doshi, Deutsch von Johannes Beilharz)

Das ganze Gedicht ist Bestandteil der Anthologie Inspirierte Gedichte.


Emery Felix tells me I have a history

Thanks, Em!

Here's what he wrote:
Your history shows that your last order is ready for refilling.
That kind of history kind of surprised me ... but perhaps I shouldn't be surprised in this age of identity theft. I've probably got more histories than I will ever know apart from the various ones I know of or have actively created.

Generally speaking, though, I'm still surprised - even after years of receiving unsolicited mail, as this junk is called politically correctly - that anybody would get in touch with me, tell me a blatant lie right off the bat and then expect me to hurry to their store and leave money there even though they do their damndest to make sure that nobody can find out who they're doing business with.

Does spam make any sense?

I don't think anybody in his right mind thinks it does.

And yet there seem to be enough brazen shysters out there that believe they can make a buck by sending out millions of unwanted advertisements to millions of people who definitely do not want each and every one of those millions of unwanted advertisements.

This appears to be as great a conflict of interest as there has ever been.

Spammers, do you realize that you are collecting crushing wrath and millions of bad karma points every time you send out one of those spam mails? This has got to be bad for your health. I'd worry about it if I were you.