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Summer of 1976 – house and cat sitting

In the summer of 1976, my parents went on vacation and left me at home to house sit and cat sit. I also had lots of time to write on the Triumph Gabriele. I'd sit on the sofa and type, and the cat would jump up and sleep behind me. Occasionally I'd also grab my father's Leica M3 and take pictures.

Im Sommer 1976 machten meine Eltern Ferien und überließen mir Haus und Katze. Ich hatte viel Zeit zum Schreiben auf der Triumph Gabriele. Ich setzte mich zum Tippen auf das Sofa. Oft sprang die Katze hoch und machte hinter meinem Rücken ein Nickerchen. Manchmal griff ich mir die Leica M3 meines Vaters und machte Fotos.


The advantages of being a writer


You write
a house
and it’s there

You make it high
and square,
you place it
in Detroit

No, you move it
to Brooklyn

Realizing that
you have no
business there,
you move it
to Italy,
where you
currently are

You place
yourself in it,
you zoom in
one of it its

you are,

the creator
at work


You add
a desk, a screen,
a keyboard,

a computer,
a lamp,
the whirr of a
computer fan,
a rainy day

and the spike
of an event –
the slamming
of a door


The final act
is to erase
it all again

you are,

the destroyer
at work


You check
the spelling

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2013)

Originally published in The Best of Mad Swirl : 06.22.13

The photo shows part of the location the poem focuses on.


Poetically offended

“The fact of my future death offends me,”
wrote poet & blogger Reginald Shepherd

Much worse: it will eventually kill him.

(More of Shepherd's musings can be read at


Or did you write that yourself?

Was that a real poem

or did you write that yourself?

That came out of my head by itself,
with words that formed themselves,
a beginning by itself,
and an end in itself,
so yes, I wrote it myself
and it is real in itself
and in any other selves
exposed to it whether or not they themselves
realize the significance or insignificance of this or themselves.

– P. Lato


Eye opener

open my
eyes at this point in
time, but time will tell whether they
shall remain open,
but try I
will, so

A forward and reverse fibonacci, also called a diamond.

Received from one who calls himself morningworker233x5 and wishes to remain anonymous. He (or she?) was also the one to inform me of the special poetic terminology.

Thank you & copyright morningworker233x5


Brownfeld's wisdom no. 4

Why should I produce series? Doesn’t anyone like variety?
– Arthur Brownfeld

OK, now he's back to Brownfeld, as per specific instruction. Have it your way, Blumstein, Brownstein, Goldblum, whoever you are.