Radiant Wall Panels

Now that Chucky
had finally –
after months of begging
and coercion by
his beloved Tilda –
installed the
radiant wall panels
in their Sears Roebuck
kitchen, temporary happiness
had been established
in the Elmore household

– Iself

Another non-abstract RWP acronym-based poem. This time I took "radiant wall panels." See previous post for more details.


A rear wheel push
got us out
of the slushy mess

– Iself

Written for Read Write Poem's napowrimo #2. The task was to type "RWP" into Acronymattic and then write a poem with one or several of the resulting explanations. "Rear wheel push" appealed to me more than anything else because of its absence of abstraction, which fits in nicely with William Carlos Williams' "No ideas but in things."

Ernst Stadler: Bahnhöfe


Wenn in den Gewölben abendlich
    die blauen Kugelschalen
Aufdämmern, glänzt ihr Licht in die Nacht hinüber
    gleich dem Feuer von Signalen.
Wie Lichtoasen ruhen in der stählernen Hut
    die geschwungenen Hallen
Und warten. Und dann sind sie
    mit einem Mal von Abenteuer überfallen,
Und alle erzne Kraft
    ist in ihren riesigen Leib verstaut,
Und der wilde Atem der Maschine, die wie ein Tier
    auf der Flucht stille steht und um sich schaut,
Und es ist,
    als ob sich das Schicksal vieler hundert Menschen
    in ihr erzitterndes Bett ergossen hätte,
Und die Luft ist kriegerisch erfüllt
    von den Balladen südlicher Meere
    und grüner Küsten und der großen Städte.
Und dann zieht das Wunder weiter.
    Und schon ist wieder Stille und Licht
    wie ein Sternhimmel aufgegangen,
Aber noch lange halten die aufgeschreckten Wände,
    wie Muscheln Meergetön, die verklingende Musik
    eines wilden Abenteuers gefangen.

– Ernst Stadler (1883-1914)



Ohne Titel
Gouache und Ölkreide, 2010

Ich freue mich, ankündigen zu dürfen, dass ich jetzt bei Fixpoetry mit etlichen neueren Gedichten zu lesen bin - meine Autorenseite ist hier direkt erreichbar.

Herzlichen Dank, Julietta!


Renewed onslaught of replica spam

There's good news for all those who had begun to miss replica watch spam:


Beyond that, it has added a confidential, personal note.

Here are some examples that came in during the past two weeks:

From Rita at v04010501bb8c0c083aa5@aist.go.jp

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Again from Rita, but this time at a6201d@ms21.hinet.net

(she calls me "Bill", hinting that we know each other, but let me assure you that that's not so)

Hello, Bill,
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And, surprise surprise, from Rita once more, spamming from this address: 20dollys@india.redcatsasia.com

Hello, Julia,
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Well, this time Rita is apparently Angelica, and the hugs are for me, Julia, even though I ain't no Julia and there ain't none in the household.


The next one is from Maria (thank God for some diversity) at allen576@digitelone.com - even though one could also get the impression that it's from Robert to George!

Dear George, Today my replica watch has arrived and I'm surprised it doesn't look like a cheap imitation. My friend has advised me to buy a replica watch, so I can keep my original Rolex for special occasions and use the replica for daily wear and tear. Nobody will notice the replacement. I recommend you to do the same. Robert


My concluding thoughts:

1. Is there actually anybody who is interested in buying this shit?
2. Have any of these spammers ever earned a dime from their spam?
3. Who would be stupid enough to click on one of those links?

Oh, but here's a picture of someone who apparently did order: