Trip to Batumi

Ever heard of Batumi? Any idea where it might be?

Neither had I, neither did I.

But ever since attending a Quadro Nuevo concert last Wednesday here in Stuttgart I sort of know where the place is and that it’s truly anciently historical.

Because it was somewhere around Batumi that Jason of old Greek times was sent to obtain the Golden Fleece, guarded by a highly aggressive dragon.

Jason, a strapping youth not adverse to adventure and a bit naive, and some of his buddies, together called the Argonauts, went on a mission that would be, in our day and age, somewhat like latter-day astronauts flying to Mars and not knowing if you were ever going to be back within the next seventy years.

But a throne and a lovely princess were to be his rewards. And what would one not do for a throne and a lovely princess...

The “Trip to Batumi” is only one of the numerous trips the latest CD by Quadro Nuevo – appropriately titled “Grand Voyage” – takes you to – others include Portugal, Antioch (today’s Antakya) and Tunisia.

Guided musical tours by four fantastic musicians from Bavaria that are really worth it!

This CD and others by Quadro Nuevo are available at music stories or online shops, such as Amazon.

– Iself (© 2010)

PS: Curious about Batumi? Wikipedia has the answer.