Three American* sentences

I. None of it has been haphazard – nothing ever is in this universe.

II. It’s all being memorized in some superordinate universal poetry bank.

III. Goodbye Three Word Wednesday – you’ve been good.

– Iself (© 2017)

Written as the goodbye contribution to 3WW, which stopped at week no. 538. A long run by any Internet standard! The  last three words were goodbye, memorize and haphazard.

*The form was called American Sentence by Allen Ginsberg, its inventor. However, neither am I American nor does the form itself strike me as being necessarily and restrictively American.

Hyperbolic definition of social networks

Idiocy gone viral.


Zum Tode von John Ashbery

John Ashbery, Foto: Poetry Foundation

Zu Ehren des am 3.9.2017 verstorbenen großen amerikanischen Dichters John Asbhery erschien im Feuilleton von Fixpoetry das Gedicht Five Pedantic Pieces in Übersetzung von Johannes Beilharz und Originaltext.