Invitation to kiss a prince

Here I sit gathering moss.
Come on girls, don’t be at a loss:
Bring the prince salvation,
release him from ancient damnation.
One little kiss is all it takes –
your life from now on will be champagne and cakes.

– Felix Morgenstern (© 2008)

Totally Optional Prompts is all about transformation – just like this picture and text accompaniment.


A stylish entrance

I liked the ornamental quality of this entrance in Stuttgart-Ost.
Posted for "Doors" at Inspire Me Thursday.


Cautious human maybe

As a cautious
example of the species
you won't be nauseous

But maybe
just to be human
you should act like a baby

at times, and taste
strange stuff -
until you have enough

– Felix Morgenstern

Advice with the ingredients cautious, human and maybe from 3WW not to be taken too seriously.