GeoCities became ReoCities

In October 2009, GeoCities – free host to zillions of web pages – shut down.

Today I discovered that David Feinman ported many, many of those pages to ReoCities, including link fixes, so that cross-links to former GeoCities pages actually work.

A great big cheer to David!

My old site SoHo/bistro/7067 is among the sites that were saved.

However, I'd also prepared for the death of GeoCities by moving the pages to my own domain. And that is, of course, where the pages will be updated and where more will be added.

Click here to go to the new home of SoHo/bistro/7067 – International Forum for Literature and Art


First Poem

Between the greatest galaxy
and the smallest sigh
the most important sound is
the voice of you or I.

– Deirdre LaPenna (© 2010)

Posted for Sunday Scribblings #201 / Message.

This poetic message is published here by kind permission of the author.

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