In my effort to trace the latest trends and fashions in spam, I've collected a few of the messages that have come in during the last month or so.

Many of them do not seem to have any purpose at all (except to possibly annoy) because they neither advertise a product nor contain any clickable links.

Here are some shining examples:

From ner-maps-forum@maps.org:
dirk lucky
From part1.07050000.05040004@rivieramaya-today.com:
wei-ning havivah
From jackflash4x@northstate.net:
elvira dan
From heathiaarethan3os@ms18.hinet.net:
harkin gino
From herbert.b.knight.51@alum.dartmouth.org:
olaf chance
Nice collections of names, I must admit. Perhaps I should continue collecting these spams and some day put together a book of first name suggestions for parents to be.

Here's what arrived today, with the subject "Dont be left behind because of bad health":

Urgent question of the night.

That one came from my dear concerned but, alas, unknown friend Ephrayim Gordon at chriscasey03@goliat.com.

An urgent question of whatever indeed!