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Sammy’s less than perfect reputation

Avoid that lad named Sammy –
you've felt his hands – they're clammy.

Staying away from him makes triple sense
because he is also brutal and dense.

– Felix Morgenstern (© 2016)

Rhymed around clammy, brutal and dense from 3WW.


Lou-Anne's Love Life

“What’s this?”
“A scratch.”
“From what?”
“With whom?”
“That’s the third one this week!”
“Good average, isn’t it?”

– Felix Morgenstern

Written using this week’s 3WW words average, neck and scratch.


Cautious human maybe

As a cautious
example of the species
you won't be nauseous

But maybe
just to be human
you should act like a baby

at times, and taste
strange stuff -
until you have enough

– Felix Morgenstern

Advice with the ingredients cautious, human and maybe from 3WW not to be taken too seriously.