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Summer of 1976 – house and cat sitting

In the summer of 1976, my parents went on vacation and left me at home to house sit and cat sit. I also had lots of time to write on the Triumph Gabriele. I'd sit on the sofa and type, and the cat would jump up and sleep behind me. Occasionally I'd also grab my father's Leica M3 and take pictures.

Im Sommer 1976 machten meine Eltern Ferien und überließen mir Haus und Katze. Ich hatte viel Zeit zum Schreiben auf der Triumph Gabriele. Ich setzte mich zum Tippen auf das Sofa. Oft sprang die Katze hoch und machte hinter meinem Rücken ein Nickerchen. Manchmal griff ich mir die Leica M3 meines Vaters und machte Fotos.


Alonzo Aglio and Bella Cipolla, First Cousins

Alonzo Aglio and Bella Cipolla, First Cousins
Polaroid photo by Johannes Beilharz
(scanned Fuji instax SQ20 print)

Available as print and for licensing from PicFair


Dark - Earthy - Incredibly Good

Rough draft for introductory marketing campaign of new dark chocolate-based "Mole" candy brand.

Marketing will focus on the three pillars of strength of the brand philosophy:
  • Dark
  • Earthy
  • Incredibly Good
Discovered and posted for Photo Hunt 110 / Candy.



Cerebral agony


Huh?!? Where'd that come from? From:

Ora Odoura is photographer and specialises in outdoor and creative photography. Her storytelling shoe fiction was selected for Argo Spier’s 'Heaps of Cream' sequence because of both the contrast and complement it forms to the sequence . Her's is a story of peaceful meditation. 'Heaps of Cream' is cerebral agony.
To be seen at ArgoBoat.