Vacuous people party

Today's personalized horoscope said:
A big party you are attending tonight might seem tedious and boring, ISELF. If you're single, probably no one there really interests you, and the few possibilities you meet might seem too crazy. If you're involved, your current love partner might not be able to come to this party. Why stay if you're not having fun? Better a video alone than a room full of vacuous people!
Too bad I wasn't invited to that kind of party. In fact, I wasn't invited to any kind of party. But I'd really love to go and take my trusty & proven vacuity tester along (a neat, hand-held model).

And the few possibilities might be too crazy? Hmmm, I'd like to check them out.

Alas, I'll have to settle for the video and use the vacuity tester on it.

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