Free from compositional rhetoric

Triadic Memories by Morton Feldman, played by Roger Woodward to abstract expressionist art and French and English spoken gibberish.


"Let me down, let me down!"

"Yahoo! Dumped you in the croop you dirty breek!"

– Iself

Reading about the composer Morton Feldman that he "began graphic works, with open pitch and rhythm, and music 'free from a compositional rhetoric' in early '50s," I decided to write poetry following the same principles. This is the first example of a poem that is free from compositional rhetoric. It is also quite obvious that its pitch and rhythm are open.

Retroactively attributed to Sunday Scribblings #107 – Compose.

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paisley said...

what an amazing post.. i am unfamiliar with this form or this author/composer/poet... i am appreciative that you shared his work,, and theory here with us today i will make a note of this post and look into it further soon....