Crystal clear

Crystal clear is my love.
– Jackie de Shannon

I approach the dark forest
Its darkness swallows me up
After a while I discern a path
It takes me up a slope to a clearing
In the middle of the clearing there is a pond
I dip my right hand into the pond
The water is cool and clear
It seems to do something to my hand
I take it out and look at the palm
But there is nothing

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2010)

What code could be more secret and elusive than dream? Put on the 'net for napowrimo #12, secret codes.


Stan Ski said...

That's Acid Rain for you...!
(Your comment form is written in a code I don't understand too well...)
Wunderbar post!
(and the wortbestatigung is 'restini' - sounds Italian... but what do I know...?

Anonymous said...

Work your fingers to the bone, what do you get? Bony fingers.

Enjoyed the poem. Fascinating dream.

Anonymous said...

dreams are excellent code material!!

one more believer said...

i had to look twice thinkin is that the singer jackie deshannon u r referring to??!!... it is good to see her songs again... didn't she just recently make some more music... anyhow... it's all a mystery to me this love of above and below all encompassing sorta thing... poetic indeed! take off

Iself said...

Thank you all for visiting and commenting!

Sorry about the foreign interface, Stan - this blog is bilingual, as you may have noticed. Yes, restini sounds Italian, but I have no influence on the choice confirmation words. Easier than 3Uz5Yj, though, isnt't it?

The quote is from the singer Jackie de Shannon indeed, one more believer. She's released new CDs more recently, but they are quite weak. Don't quite know what you refer to with the "love of above and below all encompassing sorta thing," to be honest.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I like the simplicity and repetitive pattern of this poem.

Short Poems said...

Enjoyed the poem very much :)

Yousei Hime said...

Well done. I have not tried this prompt yet. Thank you for sharing yours.

Dan said...

But there is nothing, indeed. Nice work

Dee Martin said...

Beautiful images