For her

Had a terrible Easter
weekend staying
away from you. You laid
down the rules. Your
plan is to educate me,
drive all the feeling for you
out of this torn mind.
But I don’t have to put
that shoe on. I can
shuffle on loving you.
Perhaps educate you –
who knows...

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2010)

Something very personal for napowrimo #5.


one more believer said...

sorry yr easter was so terrible... this sorta love stinks... perhaps if you shuffled to a funky tune?? .. thanks for stoppin by.... happy day 5... or is it 4??

flaubert said...

Delighful poem.

Rallentanda said...

A touching little poem.Liked it!

Yousei Hime said...

Wonderful imagery. Such a mix of emotions yet I see them each clearly. Thank you for this.