From across the river

from across the Hooghly she beckons to me

Mysterious night
across the river beckons to me

The old chamber softly lit
beckons to me

A sweetly solemn thought, sun and wind and beat of sea
beckon to me

“I am your woman,” she says
and beckons to me

– Iself (© 2010)

Written for napowrimo #26, get scrappy.

As I was quite sure that I did not have any scribbled or unfinished poem in my wallet or in a notebook, I went to a random poetry generator for inspiration, picking a poem from the “poetry in motion” category. The above romantic/folkloric poem, which is more or less in the form of a ghazal, is the result.

I’m not posting the original generated poem because it has ingredients I did not care for and did not use.

The Hooghly river is a distributary of the Ganges in West Bengal, India, and flows by Kolkata.


Dan said...

Everything looks better across water

Robin said...

Very lovely. Love the idea of the thought beckoning to you. Beautiful imagery.

Now, I had never even heard of a "random poetry generator." I guess I'll have to check out your link to it.

flaubert said...

Lovely and image filled poem.

J. D. Mackenzie said...

combines many favorites: dream-like qualities, attraction, water. Like it!

viv said...

I just love this poem, and wanted more.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

ahhh, to receive a beckon. It appeals to my (sometimes far too romantic) nature...

Read my Day 26 poem here:

one more believer said...

the sound so sweet the river's tide calling.... nightflight no 5