The 2011 Francisco Cabrera Revolution

We almost missed the revolution.
– Paul Hughes
In a nightmarish café
(garish, gaudy lights,
smoke twirls, drone,
laughter, cackling)
in which I'd long given up
trying to listen to anyone
in particular, somebody
raised a glass and shouted
above the din, "Long live
the revolution!"

All I remember after that
is feeling guilty about not
knowing which revolution
this was about. But I did
not dare ask for fear of
appearing uninformed.

Which I am, about most
revolutions nowadays.

– Iself (© 2011)

Written for NaPoWriMo day 5.

The challenge today was to take another participant's poem and riff off of it. The one I riffed off of was one by Paul Hughes titled subway talk part ii (to be read here).


Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, which revolution! Great line from Paul Hughes though!!

vivinfrance said...

I do like this clever poem: I try to avoid "The News" these days, as it is so horrendously depressing. This is why I, too, am usually unaware of what revolutions are about.

Stan Ski said...

No worries James... what goes round, comes round...

Ron. said...

Enjoyed very much, despite initially misreading "uninformed" as "uniformed."

Tilly Bud said...

Like so many of us, sadly.

Unknown said...

Smart, honest write. Reminded me of my experience in NYC's Times Square when Serbia gained independence...