A movie date


(A tale from a not so distant past)

Dedicated to Zoyâ Pirzâd

Morad had not arrived by the agreed time, was already fifteen minutes late. 
She’d gone to the window umpteen times, pulled aside the curtain and looked out for him. 
To avoid her mother’s suggestive glances and silence, she left the house and walked down the street to the public phone booth. Occupied by weighty and visibly sweating Mme Samadani, engaged in never-ending chitchat. 
When her turn finally came, Morad’s mother had no clue where he was. Maybe he’d simply forgotten, she surmised with a cascade of laughter. This cascade of laughter was soon to be her mother-in-law. Provided, of course, that Morad could be forgiven for not showing up on time.
To top it all off, Morad had arrived when she returned, listening attentively to her mother’s detailed description of how to knit God knows what.
Things did not bode well for the planned movie outing.
They would miss the beginning of the film, and she hated to miss the beginning of a story.
In fact, even the time before the beginning was essential, because Morad would be able to buy popcorn and drinks for the two of them. Allowing them to enter when the lights were still on, allowing them to see the previews.
The whole world, including his cascading mother and her own mother, thought this man was a great catch. 
But would he prove himself worthy ... at the right time?

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2023)

Author's note
Reading the book Le goût âpre des kakis (published by Zulma in Paris in 2009) by Iranian author Zoyâ Pirzâd, pictured above, inspired this story.

German version: Eine Kinoverabredung

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