Ode to one who loves her sleep

Do not tamper with my temper,
she said,
never wake me up
when I’m asleep in bed.

Men a lot braver than you
have tried,
with the result
that I had their hide.

My temper when wakened is like
the wrath of a god,
it scathes, it burns,
it kills at a wink and a nod.

The wounds I inflict
with my nails run deep.
Therefore do not, I repeat,
wake me up when I sleep.

– Felix Morgenstern (© 2008)

Once again I could not resist a prompt from Mad Kane, this time for temper, temper.

Click here for the Morgensterns' collected literary crimes in English and German.


paisley said...

oh that was fun... i have never known anyone quite so volatile over being awakened,,, but i hear they do exist!!

Mad Kane said...

That was witty and fun. So glad to see you participating in another of my poetry prompts.

Iself said...

This was actually inspired by (exaggerated) reality. A French girlfriend. Her dictum was "On ne me réveille pas!" Was she ever bad-mood city if one did.


Tumblewords: said...

LOL. Well, I can relate to that!

Tumblewords: said...

Rings a bell! Nice work.