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Three American* sentences

I. None of it has been haphazard – nothing ever is in this universe.

II. It’s all being memorized in some superordinate universal poetry bank.

III. Goodbye Three Word Wednesday – you’ve been good.

– Iself (© 2017)

Written as the goodbye contribution to 3WW, which stopped at week no. 538. A long run by any Internet standard! The  last three words were goodbye, memorize and haphazard.

*The form was called American Sentence by Allen Ginsberg, its inventor. However, neither am I American nor does the form itself strike me as being necessarily and restrictively American.


A near-miss haiku

So I was on my way to the store close-by,
only to find out, once I got there, that it was closed.
Well hell, I thought, that saved me some money
coz I’s about to buy me some clothes.
That’s what I call a close call
and less wear on the clothesline.

Written upon instigation by BlogFriday – seeking submissions for the word ‘closed.’ This haiku with its syllabic structure of 11 / 13 / 10 / 9 / 7 / 7 is not the only thing that’s a amiss here. Or a close call.

– Iself

Written in a not so sincere writing mood years ago and kept in drafts. Now it finally gets to see the bright lights of the web. Ooey!


I wanna be your hero

You call my attempts
risible, but please
leave me some lowly
pedestal at least

– Felix Morgenstern (© 2010)

Written for napowrimo #20, the hero poem.

A tiny little antidote to Bonnie Tyler:


Crystal clear

Crystal clear is my love.
– Jackie de Shannon

I approach the dark forest
Its darkness swallows me up
After a while I discern a path
It takes me up a slope to a clearing
In the middle of the clearing there is a pond
I dip my right hand into the pond
The water is cool and clear
It seems to do something to my hand
I take it out and look at the palm
But there is nothing

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2010)

What code could be more secret and elusive than dream? Put on the 'net for napowrimo #12, secret codes.


They call him the breeze

It happened by unthought known –
he knocked up my friend

Said shucks when told
and for amendment from his native country
Há tempos ... there are times

Don’t cry sister cry – get ready
for the times to get better

– Iself (© 2010)

A late entry for napowrimo #1, iTunes on shuffle. The pieces were:

Knocked up – Kings of Leon
Don’t cry sister cry – J.J. Cale
Shucks – Bill Frisell
Unthought known – Pearl Jam
Há tempos – Legião Urbana  

From memory I added a modified version of “They call me the breeze” by J.J. Cale for the title and “Ready for the times to get better” by Crystal Gayle for closure.


In celebration of a grey city morning

The sky is grey, the roofs glisten a lifeless red,
just rose from restless sleep in bed

Last night I inhaled tons of smoke
and had too much rum with my coke

Give this city boy some good country rest,
a tour in spring air and today will be blest

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2010)

Havent’s quite shaken off the effects of last night’s outing with friends in a smoker bar as you can read here in this silly celebration for napowrimo #10.


For her

Had a terrible Easter
weekend staying
away from you. You laid
down the rules. Your
plan is to educate me,
drive all the feeling for you
out of this torn mind.
But I don’t have to put
that shoe on. I can
shuffle on loving you.
Perhaps educate you –
who knows...

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2010)

Something very personal for napowrimo #5.


Ms. Mueller’s Receiving Speech

“Here’s your room – there’s your view of the Alps.
On good days you can see the Zugspitze.
Did you see it on the way? There’s one place
around Fernpass where you can see it. I see,
you didn’t stop there. Here’s the bathroom,
please use the toilet brush. There’s hot water
in the mornings. Breakfast from 7 to 10
in the cellar or on the terrace on sunny days.
Tomorrow won’t be sunny, going by the forecast.
And tomorrow you plan to be where? Merano?
Well, then, good night.”

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2010)

Lends itself quite well to inside out for napowrimo #4.


Radiant Wall Panels

Now that Chucky
had finally –
after months of begging
and coercion by
his beloved Tilda –
installed the
radiant wall panels
in their Sears Roebuck
kitchen, temporary happiness
had been established
in the Elmore household

– Iself

Another non-abstract RWP acronym-based poem. This time I took "radiant wall panels." See previous post for more details.


A rear wheel push
got us out
of the slushy mess

– Iself

Written for Read Write Poem's napowrimo #2. The task was to type "RWP" into Acronymattic and then write a poem with one or several of the resulting explanations. "Rear wheel push" appealed to me more than anything else because of its absence of abstraction, which fits in nicely with William Carlos Williams' "No ideas but in things."


Momentous event

Another big dream
gone up
into thin air.

– Iself (© 2010)

Written and posted for Sunday Scribblings and Big Dreams.

I hate to admit it, folks, but that’s the way it went with a lot of my dreams – big and small.


Love disenchanted

When pigs cease to fly
it’s time to say good-bye.

I’ve had enough of you
and all the times I’d woo

you with four leaves of clover.
See you when hell freezes over.

– Felix Morgenstern (© 2010)

Written specifically for Sunday Scribblings and When Pigs Fly / When Hell Freezes Over.

All the Morgenstern poetry (Felix and Christian) posted in this blog


First Poem

Between the greatest galaxy
and the smallest sigh
the most important sound is
the voice of you or I.

– Deirdre LaPenna (© 2010)

Posted for Sunday Scribblings #201 / Message.

This poetic message is published here by kind permission of the author.

Older poems by Deirdre LaPenna


Somewhere near Teec Nos Pos

“Oh my God,” James thought, “what am I doing all by myself in this neo-apocalyptic landscape?”

“But at least there’s a three-legged chair keeping me company, and it’s talking – telling me about the pain of a lost leg.

“The lips are brown and wooden, and the language is strange – a bit like Hopi.

“But hey, who am I to complain?”

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2010)

Inspired by read write prompt #111, which came with the following photo by Sepulture:


The cheese ditty

Please, oh please
let me have a crumb of cheese.

Not in my house,
said the mouse.

– Felix Morgenstern (© 2009)

Written for Sunday Scribblings’ Cheese topic.

All the Morgenstern poetry (Felix and Christian) posted in this blog


Slim Siamese asks Tessa Terrier out

When he asked for a date
she said maybe better wait

and consult a doctor to see
whether we could ever have a family

– Felix Morgenstern

Written for Mad Kane's Dates and Dating prompt.



I quit
for abundance of wit

And you quit
because you are a nit

So there!

– Felix Morgenstern

For Sunday Scribblings.


Dark - Earthy - Incredibly Good

Rough draft for introductory marketing campaign of new dark chocolate-based "Mole" candy brand.

Marketing will focus on the three pillars of strength of the brand philosophy:
  • Dark
  • Earthy
  • Incredibly Good
Discovered and posted for Photo Hunt 110 / Candy.


Inner warning

The more that inner warning sign flashes
the more you’re attracted like a moth to the flame.
How many phoenixes do you want from the ashes?
Aren’t you getting tired of this destructive game?

– Felix Morgenstern (© 2008)

Missed the formal point again by presenting neither limerick nor haiku for Mad Kane’s This is a warning. Contentwise, however, I'm on target, I think.